theheadlesshashasheen said: Are you a mirror scryer?

I’ve scryed with Tarot cards before. (although that can be seen as more of a “meditation” I suppose; I stare at the Tarot card for a while and then put it on my forehead and concentrate on it very hard).

Long ago I attempted to scry in a bowl of water but that was before I became a true Occultist.

Fun fact about me, I think scrying would be great but I also have a crippling phobia of mirrors????? (Which I blame on my grandfather on for telling frequently that spirits would come through them when I wasn’t looking and sit next to my bed at night.) I have yet to navigate the territory in regards to mirrors and magick. 

And because of my really excellent and vivid dream recall, I think I would be a very excellent scryer, if I do say so myself. But we’ll see.

The bowl of water is perfectly traditional. If you do it again, remember that you can add in plant materia that will aid it - mugwort, vervain, etc.  And meditation on the Tarot Majors + Minors is a wonderful act, as is the contemplative nature of the practice.

If you ever want to get into magical mirrors, we can chat about it anytime. And of course - souls can come through them. That’s what makes it fun

A lot of it is pre-GD, but it was a pretty established practice between the medieval period and the late 19th century. Poke’s The Book of Solomon’s Magic has instructions based in part on those given by Paschal Beverly Randolph, America’s “Rosicrucian” magican. (And I’ve spent a lot of time with Paschal’s work…)



Hello Friends, Over here at the BDA, we’re embarking on a rather longterm and possibly temperamental project, and we’re gearing up to work on some research. We’re interested uncovering local folklore/legend in Trumbull, Mahoning, and Columbia Counties (and possibly other parts of NE Ohio and Western PA). Not just information that you tend to read about on various Ohio Ghost/Exploration websites, but living and breathing stories that people still claim to experience now. We’re looking for some weird shit. Linked here is an article back from the late 90’s and I think it just may illustrate the kind of legend and folklore we’re in search of. Please let us know if you have something to share, or a direction to point us in.

I sort of present to you a few short seconds of the “Venus of the Hardsell” cover/demo. Still a work in progress.