As the Moon goes dark, revolutions pause and combatants freeze for second. This lunar eclipse dredges up the many reasons to fight, but then places a question mark after each one. What conflicts are truly worth it? The good fight sometimes demands that we stay our hand, and true potency is sometimes best demonstrated by standing still […]This is a hard lesson, for many have fought for years to stand firm against the adversarial tide, and to let go of what was hard-won may feel like a defeat. This Lunar Eclipse is not a call to abandon yourself or your ideals, but to transmute them. Sometimes to succeed you have to let go of the need to win.
Austin Coppock

Also.. I got word yesterday that a percussion teacher of mine had passed on the 28th. Those were high school years but still important, and he was definitely the grandparent figure in my life when my own flesh and blood grandparents were acting like selfish assholes. Coincidently, the 30th is the one year anniversary of my grandmother passing away. So.. death all around, I guess. I need to get to making a space for these people.